Perception Or Reality?

We often hear it said, “Perception is reality.” That idea for Americans may have dawned on September 26, 1960—the date of the first televised debate between two presidential candidates. In front of the cameras, John Kennedy appeared composed; Richard Nixon appeared nervous. The perception was that Kennedy would be a stronger leader. The debate not only turned that election, but it also changed the way politics is done in the US. Politics by perception became the rule of the day.

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Does God Care?

Minnie and George Lacy were faced with some questions: “Is Jesus enough? Is our relationship with Christ sufficient to sustain us? Will He be enough to help us want to go on living? Does He care?”

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Hands Off!

I remember bobbing for apples when I was a child, a game that required me to have my hands tied behind my back. Trying to grab a floating apple with my teeth without the use of my hands was a frustrating experience. It reminded me of the vital importance of our hands—we eat with them, greet with them, and use them to do just about anything that is vital to our existence.

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For 3 weeks every fall season, our city becomes an art gallery. Nearly 2,000 artists from around the world display their creations in galleries, museums, hotels, parks, city streets, parking lots, restaurants, churches, and even in the river.

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What Love Is

Years ago I asked a young man who was engaged to be married, “How do you know that you love her?” It was a loaded question, intended to help him look at his heart’s motives for the upcoming marriage. After several thoughtful moments, he responded, “I know I love her because I want to spend the rest of my life making her happy.”

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Music And Megaphone

Christopher Locke buys old trumpets, trombones, and French horns and transforms them into acoustic amplifiers for iPhones and iPads. His creations are modeled on the trumpetlike speakers used in the first phonographs during the late 1800s. Music played through Christopher’s AnalogTelePhonographers has a “louder, cleaner, richer, deeper sound” than what is heard from the small speakers in the digital devices. Along with being interesting works of art, these salvaged brass instruments require no electrical power as they amplify the music people love to hear.

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Someone was shadowing me. In a darkened hallway, I turned the corner to go up a flight of stairs and was alarmed by what I saw, stopping dead in my tracks. It happened again a few days later. I came around the back of a favorite coffee shop and saw the large shape of a person coming at me. Both incidents ended with a smile, however. I’d been frightened by my own shadow!

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Working For The Wind

Howard Levitt lost his $200,000 Ferrari on a flooded Toronto highway. He had driven into what seemed like a puddle before realizing that the water was much deeper and rising quickly. When the water reached the Ferrari’s fenders, its 450-horsepower engine seized. Thank-fully he was able to escape the car and get to high ground.

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New To The Family

While on a ministry trip with a Christian high school chorale to Jamaica, we witnessed an illustration of God’s love in action. On the day we visited an orphanage for disabled children and teens, we learned that Donald, one of the boys our kids had interacted with—a teen with cerebral palsy—was going to be adopted.

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All Together

For years my wife’s piano and my banjo had an uncomfortable and infrequent relationship. Then, after Janet bought me a new guitar for my birthday, she expressed an interest in learning to play my old guitar. She is a very capable musician, and soon we were, together, playing songs of praise on our guitars. I like to think that a new kind of “praise connection” has filled our home.

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10 thoughts on “All Together

  1. aampll says:

    From the rising of the sun, to its going down, the name of the Lord is to be praised.

  2. eternallyhis says:

    praise Jesus Christ my Lord;
    Praise Jesus, praise Jesus,
    praise Jesus Christ my Lord;

    Heavenly Father Thou art with me,
    heavenly Father, Saviour of my soul;
    Heavenly Father, Thou art with me,
    praise Jesus Christ my Lord.

    Blessed Redeemer how we love Thee,
    blessed Redeemer of our soul;
    Blessed Redeemer how we love Thee,
    Praise Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Alleluia, alleluia,
    praise Jesus Christ my Lord;
    Alleluia, alleluia,
    praise Jesus Christ our Lord.

  3. eternallyhis says:

    “Blessed be the Savior,
    praise His Holy Name;
    Blessed be the Savior,
    Praise Jesus Christ the King.

    King of Kings,
    Lord of Lords;
    Let heaven and earth proclaim,
    Blessed be the Savior;
    praise His Holy Name.

  4. jdc8986 says:

    Oh Lord accept my praise to you and your Son. You are deserve so much more than I offer. Praise be to you OH MY LORD! Amen.

  5. anoteingodschoir says:

    ♫ ♫ Praise Him! Praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!
    Sing, O Earth, His wonderful love proclaim!
    Hail Him! Hail Him! Highest archangels in glory;
    Strength and honor give to His holy Name!
    Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children,
    In His arms He carries them all day long.
    Praise Him! Praise Him! Tell of His excellent greatness;
    Praise Him! Praise Him! Ever in joyful song! ♫ ♫

  6. Rocky says:

    Ecclesiastes tells us that one will put a thousand to flight and two will put ten thousand to flight.

    As a bicyclist, I often have people tell me that they could never keep up with me, until I mention riding on a tandem bicycle, no matter how fast they peddle, they will never be far behind & together we will go faster and further than if I were peddling alone.

    Imagine using this principle in every area of our lives, including praising our Lord, just as this couple in today’s devotional have demonstrated.

    Praise God have an awesome day

  7. bernard stephen says:

    Praise and worship to our Father in heaven is the natural response to the love we, his children receive, unconditionally, unceasingly! God our Father looks at us at our grateful heart and pleased with our gratitude! He knows and we too, that we cannot in anyway adequately, express our gratitude in return for the immense love our Father gives us, in spite of our disobedience in many areas of our lives! At least a thankful heart we may have for Him!
    Thanks for the devotional! It’s inspiring!

  8. nanad23 says:

    Indeed, The Lord judges with righteousness and equity, because we are not worthy of all the blessings we enjoy from Him, but He gives them to us free of charge. Let the earth praise the name of The Lord.

  9. isabelabe says:

    Praise Him we all together, praise him, because his love is forever
    Praise him, because his mercies is forever.
    Praise him, because He is our and we are His own. In Jesus our Lord, forever and ever.

  10. praise the lord says:

    Psalm 98:1 Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory. Revelations 5:8 Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.
    9And they sang a new song, saying:
    “You are worthy to take the scroll and open its seals;For You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood Out of every tribe and tongue and nation,
    Revelation is a prophetic book so this has not happened but is what is going to happen.

    You may want to read all of chapter 5.

    Jesus was crucified and on His cross it was written He was King of the Jews. He is King of all man kind.In Acts 1:10-11summary of what was said Jesus was taken up into heaven and that He would come back in like manner.

    Revelations 19:11 Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12His eyes were like a flame of fire and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God………
    16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:

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