A Fresh Start

In many countries, health laws prohibit reselling or reusing old mattresses. Only landfills will take them. Tim Keenan tackled the problem and today his business employs a dozen people to extract the individual components of metal, fabric, and foam in old mattresses for recycling. But that’s only part of the story. Journalist Bill Vogrin wrote, “Of all the items Keenan recycles . . . it’s the people that may be his biggest success” (The Gazette, Colorado Springs). Keenan hires men from halfway houses and homeless shelters, giving them a job and a second chance. He says, “We take guys nobody else wants.”

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Repeat Warnings

Caution, the moving walkway is ending. Caution, the moving walkway is ending.” If you’ve ever used an automated walkway at an airport, you’ve heard this kind of announcement repeatedly.

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On Being Known

One of the most difficult inner conflicts we have is our desire to be known versus our fear of being known. As beings created in the image of God we are made to be known—known by God and also by others. Yet due to our fallen nature, all of us have sins and weaknesses that we don’t want others to know about. We use the phrase “dark side” to refer to aspects of our lives that we keep hidden. And we use slogans like “put your best foot forward” to encourage others to show their best side.

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Giving It To God

A hero to a generation of people who grew up after World War II, Corrie ten Boom left a legacy of godliness and wisdom. A victim of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, she survived to tell her story of faith and dependence on God during horrendous suffering.

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The Blame Game

When Jenny’s husband left her for another woman, she vowed that she would never meet his new wife. But when she realized that her bitterness was damaging her children’s relationship with their father, she asked for God’s help to take the first steps toward overcoming bitterness in a situation she couldn’t change.

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The Small Giant

The towering enemy strides into the Valley of Elah. He stands 9 feet tall, and his coat of armor, made of many small bronze plates, glimmers in the sunlight. The shaft of his spear is wrapped with cords so it can spin through the air and be thrown with greater distance and accuracy. Goliath looks invincible.

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One Amazing Letter

Once in a while my wife and I open the mail to find a letter with no words on it. When we take the “letter” out of the envelope, we see a piece of paper with nothing more on it than a colorful mark made with a felt pen. Those “letters” warm our hearts because they’re from our preschool granddaughter Katie, who lives in another state. Even without words, these letters tell us that she loves us and is thinking about us.

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A Possum’s Pose

Possums are known for their ability to play dead. When this happens, the possum’s body wilts, its tongue flops out, and its heart rate declines. After about 15 minutes, the animal revives. Interestingly, animal experts do not believe that possums purposefully play dead to evade predators. They faint involuntarily when they become overwhelmed and anxious!

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More Of Him, Less Of Me

While I was pastoring a church early in my ministry, my daughter Libby asked me, “Dad, are we famous?” To which I replied, “No, Libby, we’re not famous.” She thought for a moment and then said rather indignantly, “Well, we would be if more people knew about us!”

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Hope To Continue On

The solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse can fly day and night without fuel. Inventors Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg hope to fly it around the world in 2015. While the plane flies all day by solar power, it gathers enough energy to be able to fly all night. When the sun rises, Piccard says, “It brings the hope again that you can continue.”

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38 thoughts on “Hope To Continue On

  1. bubbles says:

    Do you have a verse that tells us to fast in order to ‘wait’ on the Lord?

    I work. I don’t watch movies, don’t have time. I don’t go to parties. I go to work, come home, crash five days a week. On weekends, it’s work and getting groceries. I’m a rat on a wheel.

    I work and work follows me home.

  2. idesiremooresmith says:

    I love the example of the sunrise! It is so true! We wake up to a brand new day and start all over, fresh! Perfect word for today.

  3. jmmottl says:

    Yes, I remember the wormwood and gall. And my soul sinks within me. These memories of current and past failures are compounded. I have realized that I have been wanting my own goodness instead of the grace of God. It’s not that I want to be better than someone else, but that if I could go back, and not have had these problems, then following The Lord would be easier, and I wouldn’t need so much help, cause you know, I’m a man, and I should know how to be a man!

    But, the result of walking in the flesh instead of receiving grace and forgiveness has only caused more problems. All The Lord wants to do is be my portion. Through this he has been trying to tell me that He is all I have.

    In faithfulness he has afflicted me.

  4. csergeo says:

    I believe today’s Insight gives us a bit of a background as to why the book of Lamentations was penned down by Jeremiah. We get to experience, sort of, the struggles and desperate agonies faced by a besieged Jerusalem.
    I strongly believe the world in which we live now, is also going through a similar siege by the ‘father of all lies.’ We don’t have to be told, but if we look around us, we see evil at its high. From deadly shootings to racial knockouts to some group they call ISIS!! Ah, such detestable things of this broken world!
    But, and the keyword here is ‘but,’ Jeremiah ends his lament with a sigh of hope; hope that one day Israel will become a nation again, and even more, hope that one day, there will be a glorious revelation of the Messiah!! And yes, Israel is now a nation, and you and I are still awaiting that glorious hope to be revealed.
    Folks, we have to understand that the world will not know peace, until the Prince of Peace is revealed unto us. What the world is going through now, is bound to happen and will continue to rise. When Christ is taken out of the picture, which is what America is trying to do (and for that matter, the world), there will be no peace. The solution is in 2 Chronicles 7:14; and hopefully we as believers in Christ will wake up and tell the world to turn to Jesus, the author of peace, and it is only through that will we find real Hope!!
    To God be the glory!!

  5. carowan says:

    Because of my past mistakes I sometime still find it hard to forgive myself when the memories assail. I have The Lord’s forgiveness, I have to forgive myself. Unlike salvation, reputation is built by good works and Doc put it brilliantly when he says it by acknowledging and identifying with others weaknesses make it easier for them to forgive you when you fall. Lord help me be open and courageous in admitting my sins and teach me to really forgive myself. Amen.

  6. mario says:

    Thank you for the nice message about hope. I understand that our greatest and best hope is in our Lord Jesus and in His promise of eternal life in the kingdom of God. Apostle Paul wrote that if our hope in Christ is in this life only, we are of all men most to be pitied. (1 Cor 15:19 NASB). The Lord Jesus Himself said that he who hears His word and believes in the Father who sent Him, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life. (Jn 5:24 NASB). i understand fait also involves putting our hope and confidence in the Lord. Thank you.

  7. habujee7 says:

    I am coming out of the woods myself. For the past 3 months, I was going through ongoing trials. It felt as if the light at the end of the tunnel was never to come. I cried for help every morning for relief.

    God is truly faithful ;*
    Praise be to the all mighty powerful God who chooses to love His little ones.

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