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Mothers Who Pray

The faith and prayers of mothers can have a profound impact on the lives of their children. First Samuel 1 records Hannah's plea and God's answer in the birth of her son Samuel. And in a letter to Timothy, Paul referred to the faith of Timothy's mother, which I'm sure was often expressed in earnest prayer on his behalf. No wonder he was used of God in the early church.

Caught Red-Handed

A small airplane loaded with cocaine valued at $20 million was intercepted by federal agents as it flew over the Florida coast. Suddenly, bales of cocaine began falling out of the sky. One dropped in a church parking lot. Another hit a housetop. Several others came down in the Everglades.

Heart Trouble

It was the first time I met my neighbor, who had just moved in a few days before. He told me he had heart trouble and had sold his business on the advice of his doctor.

Thank You For Not Squawking

On a recent flight, I was seated behind two small children who were not happy about being on a plane. Their cries of complaint filled the cabin.

You Seem So Happy

My daughter was playing basketball at a local sports facility when the manager asked her where she went to school. When she named her Christian school, the man expressed surprise. "But you seem so happy all the time. I thought Christians were supposed to walk around acting sad."

The Difference Love Makes

If an athletic team is to succeed, there must be a bond of unity among its members. In the words of memorable football coach Vince Lombardi, "If you're going to play together as a team, you've got to care for one another. You've got to love each other." He added, "The difference between mediocrity and greatness is the feeling these guys have for one another."

Give It Your Best!

On the 80th birthday of the famous musician and conductor Arturo Toscanini, someone asked his son what he considered to be his father's greatest achievement. He replied, "For him there can be no such thing. Whatever he happens to be doing at any moment is the biggest undertaking in his life, whether it be conducting a symphony or peeling an orange."

A Map And A Compass

I was driving on the outskirts of Orlando, searching for the little town of Zellwood. I had carefully located it on the map, but I discovered that I was on an unfamiliar road. A glance at the compass attached to my windshield, however, assured me that I was headed in the right direction and would eventually cross the highway leading to Zellwood.

Attitude Check

In a television interview, a Christian spoke of a certain well-known man as having "a solid relationship with Christ." That statement raised a large question mark in my mind since the man's life is marked by vulgar speech, alcohol abuse, and flagrant womanizing. I felt the need for evidence that he hates his lifestyle and wants to be different.

Airline Uplift

I was on my way to the Russian Far East to teach for 2 weeks at St. James Bible College in Magadan. After an overnight stay in Seattle, I boarded the plane with some apprehension. Would my visa be okay? Would I have trouble getting my equipment through customs? Would I be able to teach my course on Bible interpretation effectively? How would the students, translator, and administrators respond to me?