Amani, which means “peace” in Swahili, is the name of a Labrador retriever pup that has some special friends. Amani lives with two young cheetahs at the Dallas Zoo. Zoologists placed the animals together so the cheetahs could learn Amani’s relaxed ways. Since dogs are generally at ease in public settings, the experts predict that Amani will be a “calming influence” in the cheetahs’ lives as they grow up together.

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A Lesson In Praise

Psalm 150 is not only a beautiful expression of praise, it’s also a lesson in praising the Lord. It tells us where to praise, why we’re to praise, how we’re to praise, and who should offer praise.

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God Whispers “Fish”

A number of years ago our sons and I enjoyed some days together drifting and fishing the Madison River in Montana with two fishing guides who also served as our boatmen.

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Resting In God

It was our last holiday together as a family before our eldest son went off to college. As we filled the back pew in the little seaside church, my heart filled with love as I glanced along the row of my five reasonably tidy children. “Please protect them spiritually and keep them close to You, Lord.” I prayed silently, thinking of the pressures and challenges each of them faced.

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Hope In Suffering

When I opened my Bible to read Jeremiah 1 through 4, the subhead ascribed to the book startled me: “Hope in Time of Weeping.” I almost cried. The timing was perfect, as I was walking through a season of weeping over the death of my mom.

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Outlasting Bitterness

During the Second World War, Corrie ten Boom’s family owned a watchmaking business in the Netherlands, and they actively worked to protect Jewish families. Eventually, the entire ten Boom family was sent to a concentration camp, where Corrie’s father died 10 days later. Her sister Betsie also died in the camp. While Betsie and Corrie were in the camp together, Betsie’s faith helped to strengthen Corrie’s.

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The Warmth Of The Sun

On a November day in 1963, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Mike Love wrote a song quite unlike the band’s typically upbeat tunes. It was a mournful song about love that’s been lost. Mike said later, “As hard as that kind of loss is, the one good that comes from it is having had the experience of being in love in the first place.” They titled it “The Warmth of the Sun.”

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Dealing With Distractions

A restaurant owner in the village of Abu Ghosh, just outside Jerusalem, offered a 50-percent discount for patrons who turned off their cell phones. Jawdat Ibrahim believes that smartphones have shifted the focus of meals from companionship and conversation to surfing, texting, and business calls. “Technology is very good,” Ibrahim says. “But . . . when you are with your family and your friends, you can just wait for half an hour and enjoy the food and enjoy the company.”

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Can You Help?

The administrators of the high school in Barrow, Alaska, were tired of seeing students get into trouble and drop out at a rate of 50 percent. To keep students interested, they started a football team, which offered them a chance to develop personal skills, teamwork, and learn life lessons. The problem with football in Barrow, which is farther north than Iceland, is that it’s hard to plant a grass field. So they competed on a gravel and dirt field.

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When Max Lucado participated in a half-Ironman triathlon, he experienced the negative power of complaint. He said, “After the 1.2-mile swim and the 56-mile bike ride, I didn’t have much energy left for the 13.1-mile run. Neither did the fellow jogging next to me. He said, ‘This stinks. This race is the dumbest decision I’ve ever made.’ I said, ‘Goodbye.’” Max knew that if he listened too long, he would start agreeing with him. So he said goodbye and kept running.

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35 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. js1985 says:

    Only a mere hour before reading today’s devotional i was complaining to my partner over something that was so trivial that it should of been overshadowed completely in my thoughts by the an enormous gift that was giving to us from the Lord.

    Recently we had been given a notice to evacuate our rental home due to the landlord wanting to sell the place. I put my trust that the Lord would provide us with a home eventually, but even I wasn’t prepared for the Lord to give us the first home we had applied for, specially with reports that many other people had applied for the house as well.

    Now tonight, i was complaining about trivial things like, putting stuff here or there. Complaining that control was taken away from me by my partner where my stuff would lie. I hadn’t forgotten how enormous of a burden the Lord had lifted from us by giving us this house, but it wasn’t in my thoughts when i squabbled about things that are insignificant at best.

    i am ashamed and foolish that i worked myself up over something so meaningless in the wake of something so monumental. It scares me that I might seem ungrateful even for a split second for the Lord, even if my complaining wasn’t directed to Him at all.

    I claim that I believe that everything happens from his hands alone, then how could i be blinded by that when i complain over nothing. I would never question anything the Lord has done, even if it left me on the streets homeless, then why do i let myself be angry at friends or family who disagree with me over simple arrangements of where my boxes of worthless positions go.

    Thank you Lord for today’s devotional, thank you for working through the ODB’s writers and it’s community to correct me of my wrong doings so quickly after i had committed them.

    Bless You All


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