Dealing With Distractions

A restaurant owner in the village of Abu Ghosh, just outside Jerusalem, offered a 50-percent discount for patrons who turned off their cell phones. Jawdat Ibrahim believes that smartphones have shifted the focus of meals from companionship and conversation to surfing, texting, and business calls. “Technology is very good,” Ibrahim says. “But . . . when you are with your family and your friends, you can just wait for half an hour and enjoy the food and enjoy the company.”

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Can You Help?

The administrators of the high school in Barrow, Alaska, were tired of seeing students get into trouble and drop out at a rate of 50 percent. To keep students interested, they started a football team, which offered them a chance to develop personal skills, teamwork, and learn life lessons. The problem with football in Barrow, which is farther north than Iceland, is that it’s hard to plant a grass field. So they competed on a gravel and dirt field.

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When Max Lucado participated in a half-Ironman triathlon, he experienced the negative power of complaint. He said, “After the 1.2-mile swim and the 56-mile bike ride, I didn’t have much energy left for the 13.1-mile run. Neither did the fellow jogging next to me. He said, ‘This stinks. This race is the dumbest decision I’ve ever made.’ I said, ‘Goodbye.’” Max knew that if he listened too long, he would start agreeing with him. So he said goodbye and kept running.

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Rooted Love

When I think of all the wonders of God’s magnificent creation, I am especially awed by the giant sequoia tree. These amazing behemoths of the forest can grow to around 300 feet tall with a diameter that exceeds 20 feet. They can live over 3,000 years and are even fire resistant. In fact, forest fires pop the sequoia cones open, distributing their seeds on the forest floor that has been fertilized by the ashes. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that these trees can grow in just 3 feet of soil and withstand high winds. Their strength lies in the fact that their roots intertwine with other sequoias, providing mutual strength and shared resources.

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Defeated Adversary

The roaring lion is the legendary “king of the jungle.” But the only lions many of us see are the lethargic felines that reside in zoos. Their days are filled with lots of rest, and their dinner is served to them without the lions having to lift a single paw.

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32 thoughts on “Defeated Adversary

  1. mrscalvet says:

    A little disappointed in what seemed to be a light treatment of this very serious text.

  2. obz07 says:

    I’ve been reading ODB for a long time but I recently started using the app and this is my first time posting a comment. I was just reading the scripture reading and I didn’t understand a part of it so I was wondering if someone could explain it to me. On verse 13 it says, “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” What does apostle Paul mean by “after you have done everything”? After we put on the full armor of God?

    1. delighted says:

      I think he is just referring to “running the good race”, doing the limited things one can do to promote God’s kingdom and handle one’s personal circumstances. Do what you can with the strength, courage, & wisdom the Lord provides, and stand on His Word, His promise to see you through. We will endure tests and temptations, share the good news to the lost while encouraging ourselves, & wait on and hope in Jesus, becoming sanctified and being a blessing to others.

  3. eternallyhis says:

    Welcome to all newcomers on this comment section. And a special ‘Welcome back to you, doctor-perspective’. Excellent commentary, as others also are on this subject.

  4. bubbles says:

    Sometimes I feel as though I am just beginning to understand verses that have been familiar to me for years. Or I really think about them and see that there must be much more to the verses, are there other things to think about and learn from them? What I’m trying to say is sometimes I wonder if I truly understand verses or do I only think I do.

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