Clean The Closet

To this day I can still hear my mother telling me to go and clean up my room. Dutifully, I would go to my room to start the process, only to get distracted by reading the comic book that I was supposed to put neatly in the stack. But soon the distraction was interrupted by my mother warning that she would be up in 5 minutes to inspect the room. Unable to effectively clean the room in that time, I would proceed to hide everything I didn’t know what to do with in the closet, make the bed, and then wait for her to come in—hoping that she wouldn’t look in the closet.

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One Who Understands

My friend’s husband was in the last stages of dementia. In his first introduction to the nurse who was assigned to care for him, he reached out for her arm and stopped her. He said he wanted to introduce her to his best friend—one who loved him deeply.

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Undeserved Praise

Even before I could afford a self-cleaning oven, I managed to keep my oven clean. Guests even commented on it when we had them over for a meal. “Wow, your oven is so clean. It looks like new.” I accepted the praise even though I knew I didn’t deserve it. The reason my oven was clean had nothing to do with my meticulous scrubbing; it was clean because I so seldom used it.

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A War Of Words

On July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in response to the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie. Within 90 days, other European countries had taken sides to honor their military alliances and pursue their own ambitions. A single event escalated into World War I, one of the most destructive military conflicts of modern time.

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The Right Foundation

I’ve got bad news for you,” said the builder, who was renovating an old house I had inherited. “When we started to convert the back half of the garage for your office, we found that the walls had almost no foundation. We will have to demolish them, dig proper foundations, and start again.”

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A Genuine Friend

In the novel Shane, a friendship forms between Joe Starrett, a farmer on the American frontier, and Shane, a mysterious man who stops to rest at the Starrett home. The men first bond as they work together to remove a giant tree stump from Joe’s land. The relationship deepens as Joe rescues Shane from a fight and Shane helps Joe improve and guard his farmland. The men share a sense of mutual respect and loyalty that reflects what Scripture says: “Two are better than one . . . . If they fall, one will lift up his companion” (Eccl. 4:9-10).

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From Peeker To Seeker

When our daughter was too young to walk or crawl, she created a way to hide from people when she wanted to be left alone or wanted her own way. She simply closed her eyes. Kathryn reasoned that anyone she couldn’t see also couldn’t see her. She used this tactic in her car seat when someone new tried to say hello; she used it in her highchair when she didn’t like the food; she even used it when we announced it was bedtime.

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Mysterious Detours

Before my wife and I embarked on a 400-mile road trip, I set up the GPS with our daughter’s home in Missouri as the destination. As we traveled through Illinois, the GPS instructed us to get off the Interstate, resulting in a detour through the city of Harvey. After the GPS directed us back to I-80, I was baffled by this mysterious detour. Why were we directed off a perfectly good highway?

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Seeing Upside Down

In India I worshiped among leprosy patients. Most of the medical advances in the treatment of leprosy came about as a result of missionary doctors, who were willing to live among patients and risk exposure to the dreaded disease. As a result, churches thrive in most major leprosy centers. In Myanmar I visited homes for AIDS orphans, where Christian volunteers try to replace parental affection the disease has stolen away. The most rousing church services I have attended took place in Chile and Peru, in the bowels of a federal prison. Among the lowly, the wretched, the downtrodden—the rejected of this world—God’s kingdom takes root.

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A Forever Hello

After a week’s vacation with her daughter and 4-month-old grandson, Oliver, Kathy had to say goodbye until she could see them again. She wrote to me saying, “Sweet reunions like we had make my heart long for heaven. There, we won’t have to try to capture memories in our mind. There, we won’t have to pray for the time to go slowly and the days to last long. There, our hello will never turn into goodbye. Heaven will be a ‘forever hello,’ and I can’t wait.” As a first-time grandma, she wants to be with her grandson Oliver as much as possible! She’s thankful for any time she can be with him and for the hope of heaven—where the wonderful moments will never end.

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20 thoughts on “A Forever Hello

  1. cst5 says:

    We live in faith, full and strong. Meant to carry this message of love and hope to any and all we encounter each and every moment of every day we draw a breath; once we have been infused, inspired & blessed with the Holy Spirit. Ps46 always inspires me in times of trouble, doubt or confusion. This can happen a lot after a trauma to the brain. Yet I know if I keep my life in the Lord’s hands, I have nothing to fear. I can continue to do the job He set me to, until He sets me on another path. His directions are always clear, all doors close if I’m on the wrong track, or if the job I was given wasn’t finished; it’ll keep cropping up, overshadowing pall else. I may not feel up to the task, but with God as my strength, all things are possible. To the man & family in need of home & job…I am praying. Peace & Serenity

  2. prinsesa11tababy says:

    It is very encouraging to see the scripture for today. I believe it with all my heart. All the troubles and hardships we have encountered, God will replace it a hundred-fold with blessings He has reserved for us!

  3. princessdee says:

    I honestly admire and respect missionaries that leave the comfort of their homes/countries and risk their lives to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unsaved, poor and less priviledged in other countries.They are truly fulfilling their calling and God’s purpose for their lives.They will surely be rewarded because our God is not a debtor to any man.
    I urge those of us that are not missionaries to put in our best to support the gospel of Jesus Christ in our countries especially in our local churches.It’s important that we are dedicated.Let us bear in mind that God expects us to be labourers in his vineyard since the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few(Matt 9:37).
    May we never be weary in well doing because we will reap in due season if we faint not. (Gal 6:9)

  4. anoteingodschoir says:

    ♫ More about Jesus would I know,
    More of His grace to others show;
    More of His saving fullness see,
    More of His love who died for me.
    More, more about Jesus,
    More, more about Jesus;
    More of His saving fullness see,
    More of His love who died for me.♫

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