A Lesson In Praise

Psalm 150 is not only a beautiful expression of praise, it’s also a lesson in praising the Lord. It tells us where to praise, why we’re to praise, how we’re to praise, and who should offer praise.

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God Whispers “Fish”

A number of years ago our sons and I enjoyed some days together drifting and fishing the Madison River in Montana with two fishing guides who also served as our boatmen.

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Resting In God

It was our last holiday together as a family before our eldest son went off to college. As we filled the back pew in the little seaside church, my heart filled with love as I glanced along the row of my five reasonably tidy children. “Please protect them spiritually and keep them close to You, Lord.” I prayed silently, thinking of the pressures and challenges each of them faced.

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Hope In Suffering

When I opened my Bible to read Jeremiah 1 through 4, the subhead ascribed to the book startled me: “Hope in Time of Weeping.” I almost cried. The timing was perfect, as I was walking through a season of weeping over the death of my mom.

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Outlasting Bitterness

During the Second World War, Corrie ten Boom’s family owned a watchmaking business in the Netherlands, and they actively worked to protect Jewish families. Eventually, the entire ten Boom family was sent to a concentration camp, where Corrie’s father died 10 days later. Her sister Betsie also died in the camp. While Betsie and Corrie were in the camp together, Betsie’s faith helped to strengthen Corrie’s.

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The Warmth Of The Sun

On a November day in 1963, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Mike Love wrote a song quite unlike the band’s typically upbeat tunes. It was a mournful song about love that’s been lost. Mike said later, “As hard as that kind of loss is, the one good that comes from it is having had the experience of being in love in the first place.” They titled it “The Warmth of the Sun.”

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Dealing With Distractions

A restaurant owner in the village of Abu Ghosh, just outside Jerusalem, offered a 50-percent discount for patrons who turned off their cell phones. Jawdat Ibrahim believes that smartphones have shifted the focus of meals from companionship and conversation to surfing, texting, and business calls. “Technology is very good,” Ibrahim says. “But . . . when you are with your family and your friends, you can just wait for half an hour and enjoy the food and enjoy the company.”

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Can You Help?

The administrators of the high school in Barrow, Alaska, were tired of seeing students get into trouble and drop out at a rate of 50 percent. To keep students interested, they started a football team, which offered them a chance to develop personal skills, teamwork, and learn life lessons. The problem with football in Barrow, which is farther north than Iceland, is that it’s hard to plant a grass field. So they competed on a gravel and dirt field.

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When Max Lucado participated in a half-Ironman triathlon, he experienced the negative power of complaint. He said, “After the 1.2-mile swim and the 56-mile bike ride, I didn’t have much energy left for the 13.1-mile run. Neither did the fellow jogging next to me. He said, ‘This stinks. This race is the dumbest decision I’ve ever made.’ I said, ‘Goodbye.’” Max knew that if he listened too long, he would start agreeing with him. So he said goodbye and kept running.

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Rooted Love

When I think of all the wonders of God’s magnificent creation, I am especially awed by the giant sequoia tree. These amazing behemoths of the forest can grow to around 300 feet tall with a diameter that exceeds 20 feet. They can live over 3,000 years and are even fire resistant. In fact, forest fires pop the sequoia cones open, distributing their seeds on the forest floor that has been fertilized by the ashes. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that these trees can grow in just 3 feet of soil and withstand high winds. Their strength lies in the fact that their roots intertwine with other sequoias, providing mutual strength and shared resources.

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45 thoughts on “Rooted Love

  1. dolypee says:

    Brethren we have to be careful not to misuse the comment section by creating unnecessary arguments. Let’s appreciate the grace of God on those who know more than we do. And we that do not seem to know much, let us strive to improve.
    members in particular.
    1Cor 12
    [28] And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.
    [29] Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers? are all workers of miracles?
    [30] Have all the gifts of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?
    [31] But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way
    Let everything work to the glory of God.

    1. annieokie says:


  2. walkingwithhim says:

    You’ve been a wonderful encouragement to me in the way you complement Our Daily Bread posts. Your perspective deepens and encourages thoughtful and applicable insight. I’ve never felt the impetus to register on this site until seeing this post and wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for your ‘return’.
    I dont often read the comments section, but when I do, I always look to see if you’ve added a note to take us into deeper waters.
    Thanks so much

  3. wonderer says:

    P.S. Spio, also remember other people’s opinions are equally important and valid as yours. It’s just that when one thinks they RIGHT, they start incorrectly judging others. God bless you! :)

  4. aampll says:

    Thank God and ODB for this place of sharing. This is exactly what today’s story and scripture is about.
    Hebrews 13:16 Do not forget to do good and to share.
    If everyone’s thoughts and requests are seen, it’s like eating from a “Buffet Table.”

  5. That devotion did a lot of good to my soul. Thanks Joe Stowell and ODB.

  6. eternallyhis says:

    Dear bubbles,
    Don’t feel alone for we all have room to learn and grow in Christ. If any of us think we know it all, that’s when we can be sure we know nothing at all.
    One of the things I like best about God’s Word is that we can always learn more every time we read it. Or see certain scriptures in a different and maybe clearer light. This comment section helps me as much as the ODB devotional and other Christian literature and books. I always ask God to open my eyes to the truth, to cause me to see, believe and receive the truth and to walk in it, and to protect me from believing any lies.
    I gave my life to God about forty years ago and have spent lots of time in the Word, yet I know it’s best not to try measuring my faith or knowledge of scripture with anyone else, because brand new baby Christians can sometimes see some things in a clearer light than what I can.
    I believe the best any of us can do when reading the Bible, is to ask God to open our eyes of understanding, and that He would teach us personally, whatever He might want us to see and learn as we read and grow in Him. And we should definitely take time to listen to fellow believers, for we are God’s vessels through which He speaks and not one of us are any more important, or necessary than another (1Corinthians chapter 12).
    I pray God pours out His blessings upon you and yours as you continue forward in His care and keeping.

    1. bubbles says:

      Thank you.

  7. js1985 says:

    Today’s devotional reminds me of the spirit i feel within the pages of ODB’s comment section. I cannot express how much i have grown from the daily messages, prayers and rejoicing i read everyday.

    Being stranded from a regular Church has put me in a position where i have thirsted for community and rejoicing. Even when i was involved in Church services my social anxiety caused me to never partake, develop or experience the power of when brothers and sisters of Christ openly share and come together.

    Thanks to your comments and prayers I have come to experience that in an environment that has made it easier for me to express myself. Also it has strengthened my confidence, and i know is taking me to the next step where i can rejoice in public and share the gospel with unbelievers (those who thirst for the truth without even knowing it) and not let the devil keep me hidden with low self esteem, self doubt and over self analyzing.

    I feel our roots intertwining and strengthening together. Praise the Lord and thank you all. Also a Welcome Back to the Dr!. And a prayer for others to join in the daily discussions!

    1. walkingwithhim says:

      I appreciate your comments! I bless you in the name of the Lord and want to encourage you to keep ‘pressing onward to win the prize’. Bless you dear one.

  8. bondserve says:

    Today’s word brought a hymn to my heart, which we sang at the closing of each service in the Christian church which my parents helped plant in Seminole Florida. “I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God”. As I witness and join in the mutual strengthening and edification here, it gives me joy and a warm sense of fellowship.

    It is difficult to know for certain whether the redwood tree is called a sequoia after the Cherokee chief of the same name, or vice versa. Sequoia formed a syllabus for the Cherokee language, enabling the written word among his people—at a time when they truly needed unity and strength.

    It appears that “unity” and “strength” fit together like a pair of walking feet. Unity always brings strength. And there are a plethora of scriptures one could cite, especially in Paul’s epistles.

    “I in them and you in me–so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” (John 17:23 NIV)


  9. seun6380 says:

    Thank God you’re back Doc, glory be to Him for your comments.

  10. rancher242 says:

    I appreciate everyone’s thoughts, prayers and encouraging word. Especially noone everyones insights I would think deems equally why is everyone making it about one man on here. I appreciate the writers from ODB for each day’s devotional. That’s just my opinion I have been sitting back and reading for awhile yet it seems like some ppl are offering almost supernatural praise or making it into the Doc P page. I am not hating I’m just saying let’s look out for EVERYONE one here especially those who come for encouragement or prayer request.

    1. js1985 says:

      I am hoping too that others like myself who cannot put things so eloquently on here, don’t feel discouraged to share as well. Sometimes i feel like a ramble on or my sentences are too long, but i trust it doesn’t put anyone off.

      I would encourage anyone and everyone to share regardless of how long or how short their feelings or experiences are. Or even if they have horrible grammar like myself.

    2. jsylseto says:

      I also feel a bit uneasy about elevating someone’s reflection higher than the original writer. Moreover. It meant to be personal reflections, not making any biblical exgesis or a seromn here. Having said that, please don’t feel offended, guys.
      I am wondering if anyone can contribute that much, why not join the ODB team?

      1. jsylseto says:

        Sorry about the clumsy typing: exgesis should be exegesis. Seromn should be sermon.

      2. jsylseto says:

        Ooooops, exgesis should be exegesis. Seromn should be sermon.

    3. spio says:

      Does anyone have a song? let them sing to the glory of God. Does anyone have a word, let them share to the glory of God. We are all members in one body; we have different gifts but from the same source. Let us humbly appreciate the beautiful gifts the Lord has granted, let us be happy for Doc P, as he uses his gifts to the glory of the Lord. Be honest and know that you don’t have to envy or find some reason by all means to belittle his gifts. NO ONE is exalting dr P; as long as we praise the Lord for his gifts. Of course you surely are excellent in something else some place that dr. P is not. It so happens that ‘commentary’ is his gifting and as Jesus said ‘he who has more to him more will be given’.
      That is the sense I get from most comments here that everyone while appreciating P also acknowledges that it is to the glory of God. All comments are appreciated here as far as I see. Do not make such a fuss about P being ‘welcomed’ back. I am glad he is back, too; like more about sequoia I could share with others without having to do as much research. Isn’t this a blessing? And the original ODB writer has done a greater job by choosing this story to start this conversation. This is what the Lord can do; He gives different gifts to edify his church. Let us rejoice with one another; don’t be ever so slightly bothered/envious. It is ok to be happy about dr. P

      1. wonderer says:

        I’m sorry to read your arrogant and condescending comment. Who are you to “correct” how another feels? You’re GUESSING this person is envious, jealous! That is the bad kind of “judging.” It’s unfortunate, but the person who goes by doctor-perspective writes as though having authority but has many times mis used scripture. It always sounds so good and people ARE praising THIS MAN most of there time. Take the plank out of your own eye first. You’ll see a lot more clearly afterward!

        1. kim747 says:

          The joy of the Lord is always in me;
          but my heart grieves ..

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