A Ukrainian Christmas

The people of Ukraine include many wonderful elements in their observance of Christmas. Sometimes wisps of hay are placed on the dinner table as a reminder of the Bethlehem manger. Another portion of their celebration echoes the events of the night when the Savior entered the world. A Christmas prayer is offered and then the father in the household offers the greeting, “Christ is born!” The family then responds, “Let us glorify Him!”

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Whose Side Are You On?

In the heat of the American Civil War, one of President Lincoln’s advisors said he was grateful that God was on the side of the Union. Lincoln replied, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

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Losing Our Way

An online survey conducted by a New York law firm reveals that 52 percent of Wall Street traders, brokers, investment bankers, and other financial service professionals have either engaged in illegal activity or believe they may need to do so in order to be successful. The survey concludes that these financial leaders “have lost their moral compass” and “accept corporate wrongdoing as a necessary evil.”

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Gentle Jesus

Charles Wesley (1707–1788) was a Methodist evangelist who wrote more than 9,000 hymns and sacred poems. Some, like “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing,” are great, soaring hymns of praise. But his poem “Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild,” first published in 1742, is a child’s quiet prayer that captures the essence of how all of us should seek the Lord in sincere, simple faith.

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The Small Giant

The towering enemy strides into the Valley of Elah. He stands 9 feet tall, and his coat of armor, made of many small bronze plates, glimmers in the sunlight. The shaft of his spear is wrapped with cords so it can spin through the air and be thrown with greater distance and accuracy. Goliath looks invincible.

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The Barking Lion

Visitors to a zoo were outraged when the “African lion” started barking instead of roaring. Zoo staff said they had disguised a Tibetan mastiff—a very large dog—as a lion because they could not afford the real thing. Needless to say, the zoo’s reputation was sullied and people will think twice before visiting it.

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Our Foundation

The Bavarian city of Nördlingen is unique. It sits in the middle of the Ries Crater, a large circular depression caused by the impact of a huge meteorite a long time ago. The immense pressure of the impact resulted in unusual crystallized rock and millions of microscopic diamonds. In the 13th century, these speckled stones were used to build St. George’s Church. Visitors can see the beautiful crystal deposits in its foundation and walls. Some might say it has a heavenly foundation.

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Following The Master

At a dog show near my home, I watched a Cardigan Welsh corgi named Trevor perform. At his master’s command, he ran several yards away and immediately returned, he jumped fences, and he identified objects using his sense of smell. After finishing each exercise, he sat down at his master’s feet and waited for more instructions.

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Finding God’s Pathway

The Channel Tunnel opened on May 6, 1994, nearly two centuries after it was first proposed in 1802 by Napoleon’s engineer, Albert Mathieu. Today the 31-mile passage beneath the English Channel allows thousands of people, cars, and trucks to travel by train each day between England and France. For centuries, people had sailed across the Channel until this surprising new way to go under it was completed.

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The Graceland Mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, is one of the most visited homes in the US. It was built in the 1930s and named after the original owner’s great aunt, Grace. It later became famous as the home of Elvis Presley.

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26 thoughts on “Graceland

  1. eternallyhis says:

    You know, I might be wrong in my view of God’s Word, but it seems to me that the more time we spend looking to Jesus, in prayer and in reading and listening to His Word, the more we would become like Christ, changed into His very image by the Holy Spirit (2Corinthians 3:18). And if we are changed into His image by looking to Christ, then it seems to me the people around us would be changed into His image by the Holy Spirit, simply by seeing Jesus in and through us.
    And through our obedience and righteousness in Christ, shouldn’t many by saved through even just one of us (Romans 5:19)? As He is, so we should also be in this world (1John 4:17).
    I’ve heard it preached many times the great and mighty works God can and will do through just one person who is open and willing for Him to work in them and through them. My prayer is that He will set our hearts on fire with His Love and cause us to walk in His statutes and do them. That He will raise us up to be vessels fit for His glory and honor and that the whole world will see and know that He is the Almighty God, the only true God and people all over the world will be saved. “Let God be glorified and magnified in and through His people. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen”

  2. eternallyhis says:

    Dear acquayegh,
    Grace can be described, or explained in a few simple words, yet is so deep it’s hard to comprehend.
    “Unlimited and undeserved love and forgiveness.”
    What an awesome God we serve.

  3. eternallyhis says:

    Dear bsbuster,
    If you check out Genesis 5:2 as it is written, God called “their” name (male and female) Adam. As is common in most marriages, the woman takes the man’s name as her own. Besides which, Adam and Eve were one flesh, chapter 2 verse 21-24. Whatever one did, it affected the other.
    Also, throughout the scriptures when God’s Word refers to man, we can be sure He means women too. And as is written in Galatians 3:28 there is neither male nor female in Christ, for we are all one in Him. Praise God. This is why I see it could mean the first man (and woman)God created as being the first Adam. I hope this helps.

  4. marcoh says:

    Amazing word, coined in Christianity. A term none other religion even mention it.
    Praise You Lord Jesus!

  5. TEbie says:

    Thanks so much Joe for the devotion today and all who have commented. Because the Apostle Paul is one of my favorite heroes in the Bible, I like using his example in life how our Lord can change what direction we are headed. Paul as we know was a persecutor of Christians early on and later a true follower of Christ. And then we have the thief at the cross next to Jesus at crucifixion time, who looked at Jesus and sensed(felt) different inside about this man(Jesus)who had done nothing wrong and the thief realized he((the thief) was getting what he deserved. But even then Jesus knew and this is my POINT HERE, what was in the heart of the thief. Man looks so much on the outward our natural tendencies. And that brings me to Joe’s last quote of today,” Remember where you live and rejoice in His grace.” We all fall short! Focus and refocus on God through Jesus Christ our Savior.We are each very unique to God and He knows our heart, nothing is kept from Him.In closing Acts 2:8,9″For by grace you have been saved through faith; it is the gift of God;not as a result of works that no one should boast.” Have a blessed day!

  6. faith1 says:

    Thank you jesus for reminding me of your grace that is always sufficient in my time of despair…. ooh thank you jesus !!! I give you the highest praise !!! To god be the glory… Amen..

  7. paulej says:

    Thank you my Father God. Through the death of your Son Jesus Christ we have life, eternal life

  8. godsgirlkarin says:

    I loved this for today. For today, I needed to be reminded to be still and accept Gods wonderful Grace. There are days I feel so alone and lost in this unpredictable world. Then God reminds me of his Grace, and I’m filled with his presence. Thank you Jesus.

  9. xs says:

    Annoint &

    Thank you Lord…..

    1. dr.perspective says:

      Thank you “xs” for your excellent G-R-A-C-E nugget.

      Thanks to the handful of persons who fuel the dialogue on the Daily Devotional read by approximately 200,000 people each day. Thanks for allowing me to be one of those persons, and thanks to all for your expressed appreciation and criticisms.

      Thanks to to those who write the Daily Devotional.

      Thanks to RBC for being the channel through which God makes it all possible.

      To God be the glory!

      1. TEbie says:

        I too am in agreement with you dr.perspective, thanks to RBC and all and to God be the praise and glory in the highest!

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