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First Response

When my husband, Tom, was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, I began to call family members. My sister and her husband came right away to be with me, and we prayed as we waited. Tom’s sister listened to my anxious voice on the phone and immediately said, “Cindy, can I pray with you?” When my pastor and his wife arrived, he too prayed for us (James 5:13-16).

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A Possum’s Pose

Possums are known for their ability to play dead. When this happens, the possum’s body wilts, its tongue flops out, and its heart rate declines. After about 15 minutes, the animal revives. Interestingly, animal experts do not believe that possums purposefully play dead to evade predators. They faint involuntarily when they become overwhelmed and anxious!

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More Of Him, Less Of Me

While I was pastoring a church early in my ministry, my daughter Libby asked me, “Dad, are we famous?” To which I replied, “No, Libby, we’re not famous.” She thought for a moment and then said rather indignantly, “Well, we would be if more people knew about us!”

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The Barking Lion

Visitors to a zoo were outraged when the “African lion” started barking instead of roaring. Zoo staff said they had disguised a Tibetan mastiff—a very large dog—as a lion because they could not afford the real thing. Needless to say, the zoo’s reputation was sullied and people will think twice before visiting it.

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A Picture Of Humility

During the Easter season, my wife and I attended a church service where the participants sought to model the events that Jesus and His disciples experienced on the night before He was crucified. As part of the service, the church staff members washed the feet of some of the church volunteers. As I watched, I wondered which was more humbling in our day—to wash another person’s feet or to have someone else wash yours. Both those who were serving and those being served were presenting distinct pictures of humility.

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He Calls The Stars By Name

On a plateau high above the Atacama Desert in Chile, the world’s largest radio telescope is giving astronomers a view of the universe never seen before. In an Associated Press article, Luis Andres Henao spoke of scientists from many countries “looking for clues about the dawn of the cosmos—from the coldest gases and dust where galaxies are formed and stars are born to the energy produced by the Big Bang.”

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Feeling Chained?

Boethius lived in sixth-century Italy and served the royal court as a highly skilled politician. Unfortunately, he fell into disfavor with the king. He was accused of treason and imprisoned. While awaiting execution, he asked for writing materials so he could compose his reflections. Later, these became an enduring spiritual classic on consolation.

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Uncertain Times

During a major economic downturn several years ago, many people lost their jobs. Sadly, my brother-in-law was one of them. Writing to me about their situation, my sister shared that although there were uncertainties, they had peace because they knew that God would care for them.

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The Growth Chart

If my family ever moves from the house where we live now, I want to unhinge the pantry door and take it with me! That door is special because it shows how my children have grown over the years. Every few months, my husband and I place our children against the door and pencil a mark just above their heads. According to our growth chart, my daughter shot up 4 inches in just 1 year!

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An Honest Heart

Our Daily Bread Cover June 2014

I came across an epitaph on an old gravestone in a cemetery the other day. It read, “J. Holgate: An honest man.”

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15 thoughts on “An Honest Heart

  1. joy123 says:

    Lord, you give me your thoughts to write down here. Truth, Pilot said, What is truth? When truth was standing right before him. This nation has turned it’s back on the truth, God through Jesus Christ. Your Grace and Mercy has abounded as a protective covering over this nation. How Blessed we have been! Without the truth, “Jesus Christ” our Nation is going down a path where we are on our own. All who do not stand up for The Truth, The only Truth, Jesus Christ, have only the world to save them. I know not what course others may take, but as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord. Jesus, You are my Truth, Your Word is Truth! Bruce, A watchman on the wall.

  2. aggie1456 says:

    Why is despising a vile person seen as a positive thing to do (v.4)? Shouldn’t it be the vile behaviour we despise and not the person?

  3. nanxi says:

    I remembered meeting this person a number of years ago, the most attractive trait was not his look, but rather how honest he was, how vulnerable he let himself be in front of a complete stranger. Pure, down-to-earth, no pride.

  4. sarahb says:

    Just have to comment on the introduction. It struck me as interesting because a dear friend of mine recently died and he has a tombstone that is somewhat more ornate than average. The assumption that Holgate must have struck it rich was ironic, because on a financial level my friend had very little. In fact, when he died suddenly his family did not know how they would be able to pay for a funeral or any kind of tombstone at all. This person was loved by a lot of people though, and when word got around about the financial issue the community got together to help (picture the ending of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”) Maybe an ornate tombstone represents material riches, or maybe it represents riches of a very different kind.

  5. gleek631 says:

    Um this was touching ❤️

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