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Oh what a tremendous comfort I received from today's devotional. In striving for perfection we can sometimes beat ourselves up for falling short, when all of us ...
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Today's devotional is one of the most encouraging I've read in a long time. Often when I rise in the mornings I'll pray that today might be the day our glorious .[post_date]/DESC/
Grandma found her sitting on the couch, with her Bible and a devotional ... I woke up my children and wonder if part of Abraham's daily routine was going to .[post_date]/DESC/?s=DAILY+DEVOTIONAL&site=23&start=72
Our Daily Bread has become the resource for which Our Daily Bread Ministries is best known. The daily devotional thoughts published in Our Daily Bread help .[post_date]/DESC/?s=DAILY+DEVOTIONAL&site=23&start=8
Since 2000, Julie has written articles each month for Our Daily Bread. She is a ... After that, we hope to reprint some of her devotionals from time to time. By Julie ...
Our Daily Bread Topics: Archives Christian Life. You can ... I look at today's devotional as confirmation that prayer is vital and I just have to keep doing it. God will ...
More Our Daily Bread Videos ... “Into His Light”- what beautiful and potent prayer and poetry. Is there a way to get more of this young man's devotional poetry?[post_date]/DESC/?s=DAILY+DEVOTIONAL&site=23&start=64