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Finding God’s Pathway

The Channel Tunnel opened on May 6, 1994, nearly two centuries after it was first proposed in 1802 by Napoleon’s engineer, Albert Mathieu. Today the 31-mile passage beneath the English Channel allows thousands of people, cars, and trucks to travel by train each day between England and France. For centuries, people had sailed across the Channel until this surprising new way to go under it was completed.

God planned an unexpected route for His people too—one we read about in Exodus 14:10-22. Faced with certain death, either from Pharaoh’s army or by drowning, the Israelites were near panic. But God parted the Red Sea and they walked through on dry land. Years later, the psalm writer Asaph used this event as evidence of God’s mighty power, “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters—a pathway no one knew was there! You led Your people along that road like a flock of sheep, with Moses and Aaron as their shepherds” (Ps. 77:19-20 nlt).

God can create roads where we see only obstacles. When the way ahead of us seems uncertain, it’s good to remember what God has done in the past. He specializes in pathways in any circumstance—pathways that point us to His love and power.

Thank You, God, for the miraculous ways
You have worked in the past. Help me to
remember Your power and faithfulness when
I can see only trouble and difficulty.
The God who created a way for our salvation can certainly see us through our daily trials.


In this lament psalm, Asaph writes of the sense of abandonment, the sleepless nights, the distress, and the anguish he felt when God did not respond to his cries for deliverance from his trials and suffering (vv.1-10). But then he remembered and recounted the mighty works God did for His people in the past (particularly His mighty deliverance at the exodus). When he reflected and meditated on who God is, he was assured of God’s greatness, goodness, and guidance (vv.11-20). Where God leads, He protects and provides (v.20).

17 thoughts on “Finding God’s Pathway

  1. TEbie says:

    I enjoyed the devotion and the comments help with the inspiration as well . Thank you all. I just recently commented to someone how we and I can be so short sighted about most things, whereas God in His infinite wisdom already has the best plans and we simple have to yield to Him. Easy said harder to do. But with full confidence in our Lord His will will be done(best for us) need to do all we can; pray, do what we are doing right now(trying o listen to God and discern and do His will. It will be done, but we frustrate it sometimes by wavering like Peter in the boat seeing Jesus on the water. God’s timing is the best. We and I need to stay tuned in and allow the Lord to work through us. I like Jer. 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the lord Plans to prosper you not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.” I love it that our Heavenly Father knows what best. Praying for us all to follow His will! God bless you all.

  2. joy123 says:

    Doc P, Your comment today was timely, not only for others whom you take a lot of time and thought for your replies but also for yourself. It was good to hear the human side in your personal comments regarding your up coming move. My wife and I have moved many times over our forty two years of marriage. With most of those times, not knowing where we were going to land and what job I was going to take. The thing is that in looking back over our lives, God was always working, making a way even when we couldn’t see it at the time. Mimi and I pray for a soft landing for you and your family as you look forward to your home in America. God’s Blessings on you. In Christ, Bruce & Mimi Dayton Eph 4:6,7

    1. doctor-perspective says:

      Thank you Bruce and Mimi.

  3. mpeterson1227 says:

    I really needed this today!

  4. paulej says:

    O thank you my God for all the paths you created for me even when I kept myself away from you doing my own things with bad results you take my hand and lead me to the way. You are my patient sovereign God. Now I pray that you keep me on your pathway till I see you face to face. O GLORY!

  5. mike smith says:

    The paths are cleared for our relationships with Him and others as only He can do. When it seems like this life is shattered, we need to look up and remember Him. The cry of our hearts is the longing of what we know is to come. Just like a stone thrown into calm water can make it seem like everything shatters, we all need to look up and see All is well. Faith is our foundation, hope is our attitude and love is our action. God wrapped himself in flesh to pay our penalty so we can have the hope of the life to come. He has delivered the rest is up to us.

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