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Looking Good

Your hair is really healthy,” said my hairdresser after giving me a haircut. “I hope it’s because you use our products.” “No. I’m sorry,” I said. “I just use whatever product is cheap and smells good.” But then I added, “I also try to eat well. I think that makes a big difference.”

When I think about the things we do to make ourselves look good, I’m reminded of some of the things we do to make ourselves look good spiritually. Jesus addressed this issue with the religious leaders in Jerusalem (Matt. 23). They followed an elaborate set of religious rules that went well beyond the ones God had given them. They worked hard to look good to their peers, to prove that they were better than others. But their hard work didn’t impress God. Jesus said to them, “You cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside [you] are full of extortion and self-indulgence” (v.25). What the Pharisees did to make themselves look good to others actually revealed that they were not good at all.

Every culture values different religious behaviors and traditions, but God’s values transcend cultures. And what He values isn’t measured by what others see. God values a clean heart and pure motives. Spiritual health is expressed from the inside out.

You know me, Lord, for who I am. My motives
and heart are open before You. Cleanse me
from the inside out. And help me to live as
Jesus did—with pure and true motives.
We might look good on the outside without really being good on the inside.


Matthew 23 uses the phrase “woe to you” eight times when Jesus condemns the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. They displayed outward religiosity and piety, but neglected the truly important matters of justice, mercy, and faith (v.23; Mic. 6:8). They presented themselves as upright and holy, but inside they were utterly corrupt and evil (vv.25-31).

17 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. wowgalbeth says:

    They will know we are Christians by our love by our love… they will know we are Christians by our love! True love comes from God… He places that in our hearts and people see Christ in us when we share that love

  2. nanxi says:

    Father, let my smile reflects an equally joyful heart

  3. jaquaglia says:

    Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep you inside thoughts and feelings pure when angry and upset.

    But by God’s grace are we saved so as we slip we need to realize it and push forward and ask God for the strength to not continue in that manner.

  4. sojourner707 says:

    I believe that it’s our interior beauty that shines through to make us beautiful exteriorly – and not necessarily in the way that the world esteems exterior beauty but rather in the way that God does.

  5. james ukuabasi says:

    Our holiness must be within and without. Thats the idea.

  6. james ukuabasi says:

    Hypocricy is one sin we need to wipe away from our lifes. When Our Lord Jesus said, “unless your righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven”, He was simply saying, unless you overcome hypocrisy, you can’t enter Heaven. God demands from us holiness within and without. You can’t be holy inside without being same outside. Our holiness inside, if we truely are, must be seen by others around us so they can be drawn to God. “You are the light of the world”. Let us therefore be holy in the secret and open. This is God’s will in Christ Jesus towards us. Amen.

  7. albydolby says:

    I’m truly blessed

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