Protection comes in many forms. A rabbit dives for his hole. A deer runs for the dense cover of a swamp. A 2-year-old runs for his dad’s pant leg. A marine digs in under cover of supportive artillery. But what does a Christian do? Where does he hide when surrounded by danger?

David knew. When he wrote Psalm 31, things were not going well for him. He was tired, weak, and hurting. His mind was distressed. His heart was broken. His enemies were chasing him, and his friends had let him down. He was in a vulnerable position—but he was not defenseless. He knew that God is the best possible source of safety, and that a right relationship with Him is the wisest defense strategy. That’s where he found his security.

Just as a small child finds confidence in calling out for his older brother when threatened by a bully, David called on the name of the Lord. Because he was living in fellowship with Him, he hid himself in the security of the One who had helped him so many times before, and who loved him with an unfailing love.

Are we as quick to seek that same security? God can be trusted. He was a sure hiding place for David, and He is also the One we should cling to for our protection.